Brand Design +Web Design + Photography

An immersive website and brand presentation that inspires their audience

Ramendictorian The Ultimate Care Package

A brand new start up with a clear purpose and goal. I helped Ramendictorian establish a solid website, logo, and marketing materials to help it stand out from the crowd, and leave a positive impression with its audience.


Ramendictorian established itself with the purpose of helping college students save time and effort by delivering care packages with multiple essential items students will need through their college career. In order achieve this goal, they needed a unique design and display of their brand in order to capture the attention of their audience of millennials. 

Logo Design

Setting to work to discover a logo design that not only reflects the brand’s name, but also includes symbols of the brand’s purpose. I implemented two the of most prominent items that represent Ramendictorian: Ramen and the valedictorian status. I added bronze and yellow to uncover the emotions of energy and success, and the result was a bold logo that was easily recognizable across the web.


As we move towards a generation of people who are gradually becoming more and more immune to ads and cluttered information, I decided to go with a website layout that not only quickly gets the point across, but also lead the website visitor from purchase to check out in a matter of seconds.


The brand prides itself in the service of providing a variety of custom ramen recipes in their care package. With each recipe adjusted from scratch, they needed original photos to showcase the perfection of the results. I was not only able to deliver a set of food photography that reflected their brand, but also try out some very delicious ramen!

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